Idea behind the project:
To create a self sustaining organic farm, free from chemicals and pollution free environment, and to become an example for others to follow.

Our mission:
Educating the villagers and farmers on the benefits of organic farming returning back to nature and old Indian traditional agricultural practices. Volunteers from India and abroad are welcome for contributing their bit to the Organic Farming working and methodology being followed.
Guests will get to see the rural Indian agriculture, we want them to see the success story of our efforts with sustainable organic farming methods being followed and at the same time be a part of it all.
The most exquisite feature of our hospitality has its own natural charm and therapeutic advantages.

Methodology or practices of our farm:
Bio dynamic preparations are used for improving the fertility of the soil and for growth promotion.
Vrakshayurveda - ( ancient Indian science of agriculture) methods, like Kunapa, are also practiced.
Agnihotra ( fire ceremony ) is also performed at sunrise and sunset.
Composting methods like liquid manure, vermiculture, NEDAP pits etc.
Organically maintained Swimming pool with neem (Azadirachta indica ) leaves, which also fertilizes the fields.
Animals on the farm – goats for milk, cows for milk, cow dung and cow urine and camel for carrying goods.
We are using bird nests to invite owls who are keeping rat population under control.
We have also used papaya to control rats.

When and how did it start:
In 1992 we bought this barren farmland, about 18 hectares, and planted more then 10000 trees of various varieties. To create a mini forest. There are more then 2500 Amla (Emblica officinalis) trees. With great difficulty we have managed to save the trees from Rajasthan summer (from 0-43˚C over the course of the year). Along the way, in 1994, came retired from Indian Army Brig. A. P. Bhargawa who started looking after the farm and proposed to go
Organic. As we had nothing to loose, we let him have his way.

Slowly and gradually the trees grew bigger, and people got to know about our organic farm and started visiting to see the organic practices. We had a couple of farmers meet with the local farmers with renowned agriculture scientist like Dr P. K. Dixit and Dr. Maheshwari and Dr. R.K.Pathak and Swami Valmiki. In 2003 we joined various international organic volunteer organization and started receiving volunteers from all over the world.

After seeing the success of the organic farming and the volunteers program we have now started 9 rooms, farm stay, on the farm. This is to promote and create awareness amongst the masses for sustainable organic farming and pollution free environment.



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